Aladdin x Metro: Heat-activated newspaper cover wraps



When Disney’s Aladdin opened up in London’s West End it was London’s newest magical show and it was important for the production to not just reach family audiences but target professionals living and working in London. They needed to get the Aladdin brand in front mass audiences in unique, clever and fun ways. 


Like most Disney musicals, audiences are generally already familiar with the stories and the characters as they will have been introduced to them when watching the classic films. One of the most iconic moments in the show is when Aladdin rubs the magic lamp to release the genie which grants him his wishes. We wanted to find a way that we could imitate this experience to Aladdin’s potential audiences and bring a little magic to their day. 



Working with the Metro, we developed an interactive, heat-activated (they used thermochromic ink, if you’re interested!) cover wrap where commuters could rub the a genie lamp to reveal a hidden message - a secret URL to a competition. By entering, audiences were in with a chance to win 1 of 3 amazing Aladdin themed prizes, with the top prize being a fully paid-for trip to London with meals, hotels, backstage tours and premium tickets to the show. 

To extend reach of the campaign, we promoted the competition on the Metro’s website and via their audience databases. 

This innovative cover wrap instantly brought the printed product to life and encouraged commuters to interact with both the newspaper and the show.



This original and creative advertising solution saw 50,000 Metro’s wrapped with interactive covers, offering lucky Londoners a memorable interactive experience on their morning commute. 

Metro research following the campaign revealed 64% of readers recalled the advert and 67% of those acted because of it (e.g. going to the website or recommending the advert to other readers); beating the 45% ‘I would act’ benchmark. 

The competition performed incredibly well:

3,586 entries
Avg: 2,063

7.1% Redemption rate
Avg: 2%

5,247 users reached 


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