Charlie and the Chocolate Factory x The London Eye: Immersive Southbank experience



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wanted to do something that would make them totally stand out during the lucrative Easter period. They wanted to create a buzz around the production, do something that would highlight the themes of the musical in a creative way, and also find routes to new audiences that other shows weren’t able to reach.  

Of course, they wanted something fun that appealed to young people, but they didn’t want to alienate adult audiences! 



We knew Charlie needed a ‘money can’t buy experience’ which would capture the attention of London and make audiences choose their musical as the production to see over the crowded Easter holidays. 

We’d already explored or launched partnerships with the various popular chocolate brands, and felt to really make an impact we needed something totally unique and groundbreaking; and something that Londoners and tourists couldn’t miss. This got us thinking about landmarks, and potential attractions we could partner with… which eventually led us to: 

“A View from Imagination”: an unprecedented, award-winning partnership with the London Eye. 



A View from Imagination was a three-pronged strategy. 

LAUNCH: Everything kicked off at the beginning of the Easter holidays, when the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cast launched the London Eye turning purple for a two week period, by performing some hits from the show. 

EXPERIENTIAL: In addition to the Southbank being adorned in larger than life sweets and chocolate themed props, families were invited to a magically decorated London Eye room to create crazy confectionary to win a competition for show tickets, have their souvenir snapshot taken for social media, and listen to a message from the cast played on video screens. 

They then boarded their London Eye pod where they met Professor Pop, an actor who introduced games like ‘spot the famous landmark’ (Pic-a-fizzy Circus, anyone?). As a reward for completing his challenges, children were given prizes and their reactions were shared on social media. 

And for non-family audiences, we launched the ‘Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Tasting Experience’, offering adult visitors prosecco and chocolate during a special double rotation.

All activity was promoted extensively on the London Eye website and social media accounts and was advertised on 80 bus sides and through a full page spread in the Evening Standard. 

DATABASE: To convert engagement into sales, Merlin - who own the London Eye - gathered data of anyone who took part in the experience and then sent their database (new plus existing data totalling 6 million+ customers) a discount offer for the show with unique codes only those audiences could access.




This campaign immersed audiences in the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from the get-go through props, scenery, goody bags, competitions and experiences. It really was an experience the likes of which had never been delivered on this iconic London landmark, leaving audiences salivating for tickets. 

London Eye spent a whopping £800,000 on the promotion of the partnership, which included the money to create the experiential attraction, PR activity, media spend and propos.

Sales for the show, in comparison to the previous Easter period, were up an incredible 37%. 



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