I'm a Phoenix, Bitch! @ Battersea Arts Centre: Influencer event


How to sell a one woman show about dealing with Postnatal depression? That was the task handed to our team when Bryony Kimmings’ ‘I’m a Phoenix, Bitch’ came to Battersea Arts Centre in 2018.



We thought that if we could reach younger audiences, and those who had never heard of Battersea Arts Centre (but still had an interest in the arts) then we would be able to attract the widest possible audience. So, what’s the best way to connect with the younger generation? Social media. With this in mind, we decided to run a social media influencer campaign, and then sent out an application form for those influencers who would be interested in reviewing the show itself. 



Fifteen influencers were hand-picked from the list of applicants. We were looking for those who had a specific interest in mental health and fitness, as these were relevant themes to the show. In addition, the influencers needed to have shown passion for the medium of theatre. 

Before seeing and posting about the show, all influencers were given a unique discount code in order to push their followers to purchase tickets to the show.

To amplify the campaign, we arranged for them to be filmed vox-pop style whilst leaving the theatre, providing an immediate reaction still fresh in their minds. To enhance the content, influencers were treated to a private drinks reception, as well as a meet and greet with Bryony Kimmings herself. 



The results were spectacular, as all influencers posted positive feedback which generated a huge amount of engagement with their followers.

With a combined following of 1.1M, the influencers reported a total 93k active engagements. 


  • 15- Instagram Influencers
  • 58– Instagram Stories/Posts on the Night
  • 143,185– Instagram Likes & Story Views
  • 1.1M– Total Combined Followers
  • £19,464– Media Value of Posts & Stories
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