Magic Radio: A Christmas-themed radio promotion



Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year to make a mark. Brands are fighting for consumer attention, and to break through the noise you need you have to do something disruptive. 

We do a lot of our best radio work with Magic FM, and for Christmas 2016 we partnered with them to develop the Magic Radio Advent Calendar, an incredible opportunity for four of our clients to share a London radio campaign cost, whilst maximising awareness and value for all of them. 



The Magic Radio Advent Calendar was conceived as a heavy weight campaign during December that offered coverage for our clients on a daily basis on one of the the UK’s leading radio stations. We secured activity for 25 days leading right up to Christmas Day. This consistently, daily activity, ensured our shows were front of mind for listeners. 

Each day of the Advent Calendar campaign, radio presenters on Magic would ‘open a window’. Behind each window was one of our four shows, and the chance to win a VIP trip to London including pre-show champagne, free programmes and overnight accommodation. The station ensured maximum impact through trails throughout the day and live, on-air announcements. The live reads and competition rounds gave the Magic presenters the chance to talk up the different shows and bring a listener to air to bring to life the promotion.

To secure additional reach, Magic created an online hub (linked to from their homepage) on the ‘Win’ section of their website for 24 days. This hub had key show messaging, as well as brand imagery and links to the booking section for each show. 



  • 1,760 Competition entries

  • 4.3 million listeners heard the message 4 times delivering 18,049 impacts

  • Page Views 5,281
  • Average Dwell Time 2.24

We were able to dominate the Christmas period and offer our clients live moments in Magic’s most expensive slots. 

Magic delivered additional trails on Magic London, and the whole campaign over delivered by 49% of promised impacts. 


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