Wicked: 10th Birthday campaign



As they approached their 10th anniversary in London, Wicked needed to be perceived as the show to see in 2016, and wanted to reaffirm itself as an award-winning, high quality, large scale production - and a West End favourite!  

With new family relevant shows entering the market, Wicked wanted to maintain its presence in this demographic, whilst also targeting its core female audience. 

Key to the strategy was to tell the story of the show, including its themes and why it was a global phenomenon. 

The marketing directors were also keen to encourage all word of mouth activity, and were interested in new creative ways to reach audiences. 



We knew that this was an opportunity for Wicked to create mass visibility in London, and wanted to find ways to profile the show both on the high street and around key London landmarks so that we could reach a huge number of people commuting to and from work as well as tourists. 

In order to reach the core young female demographic, we also wanted to form new digital partnerships that could help the show reach mass audiences through new channels that they were deeply engaged in.



With such an incredible opportunity to showcase the brilliant story of Wicked and celebrate its 10 year milestone, we knew we had to pull off one of our most ambitious and wide-ranging campaigns ever. 

These were some of the highlights: 

  • Landmark projections: we ‘turned London green’ by covering some of the city’s most famous landmarks in green lighting and show branding on the anniversary of the 10th birthday including Marble Arch, the Tate Modern and the Tower of London. 
  • ASOS x Wicked: in partnership with ASOS we launched two Wicked-themed clothing collections. 
  • The Tate gala night: we organised an exclusive post-anniversary gala at London’s iconic gallery, The Tate. 
  • Ripley’s Believe it or not x Wicked: we partnered with the famous London tourist hotspot to create ‘Ripley’s Wicked Halloween Week’. For one week in October, Ripley’s was illuminated in witch-green, and their library gallery exhibited costumes and props labelled with unbelievable facts. Other activity included face painting, balloon making, Wicked merchandise and a Wicked themed treasure hunt through the building. 
  • Lucy Choi x Wicked: We created a limited-edition Lucy Choi footwear collection which went on to be worn by celebrities and secure national coverage on shows like Strictly Come Dancing. 
  • Metro: we secured a sparkly cover wrap on the UK’s most widely distributed daily newspaper 
  • And a host of exclusive 10th anniversary competitions, promotions and giveaways. 


Take a look at some of the highlight of the 10th birthday celebrations here: 



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